BikieChic - it's a girl thing for women of all ages
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About us

Silverhorse was first started in 2002 by a couple who had a passion for motorcycles and wanted some new trendy T shirts to wear out riding.

The company was then purchased by Selena and BikieChic was trade marked.

It was then that Di came in as a partner, to help with the creative side and then a great friendship was formed. With Selena’s business experience and Di’s fashion background the partnership was bound to be a success.

Selena and Di met as Presidents of 2 motorcycle clubs and with the passion of riding motorcycles along with being involved with women’s motorcycling, they were best friends instantly! These 2 ladies are known all over the country for doing things in the motorcycling world and have so many contacts in the industry; it’s hard to keep up with them.


They decided back in April 2005 that they wanted to offer great quality clothing for men and women in the motorcycling world at an affordable price. Realizing that there was a huge place in the market for their products its no wonder the business is thriving.

Besides this online shop there is a shop front in Sydney at Selena’s other business, Bikescape. As well as this the girls travel to all the big bike shows around the eastern states and their clothing is available in many bike shops.

So in between all of this work, they still manage to get out on rides, be involved with their respective clubs, and still have fun, because, in their eyes, that’s what life is all about!

Silverhorse and BikieChic clothing is all about fashionable styles, great colours, and made to cover all sizes. Selected Silverhorse styles go up to 3XL for the men and selected BikieChic styles are available in Plus sizes, 16 – 24.

The BikieChic range was formed to give women the choice and variety of clothing that other retail outlets and websites do not offer. Besides t-shirts, tops and jumpers, there are heaps of accessories, including a great range of shoulder bags, helmet bags, bandanas etc. with new products available every month Silverhorse prides itself on offering personal service to all their customers and they aim to please all of the time!